We aim to create a child allowance, or a guaranteed income for children, that provides families with regular, meaningful assistance while promoting racial and economic justice.

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Our Coalition

Our coalition is a diverse, intersectional group of national, state, and grassroots organizations committed to advancing a child allowance that benefits all families who need it.

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Our Vision

Through our work, we want to build a society where all children can pursue their goals and achieve their full potential, and all families can afford the essentials they need to grow and thrive.

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Our Approach

We center the needs of families who could benefit most from a child allowance, uplift families’ voices, and advocate for permanently expanding and improving the Child Tax Credit to achieve a generous and inclusive child allowance.

Current Highlights


Our goal is to create a permanent automatic benefit for children. But we can’t do it without your help. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to support and amplify our work, and to ensure you have the latest information from the Automatic Benefit for Children (ABC) Coalition.