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August 8, 2022

Congress Must Make Up for the Missed Opportunity and Act Now to Support Families with Children

A Statement from the ABC Coalition Steering Committee and Parent Advisory Board   August 8, 2022 (Washington, DC)—We applaud the critical investments in the Senate-passed Inflation Reduction Act for reducing health care costs, improving…

April 1, 2022

ABC Coalition Members Call on Congress to Prioritize Tax Breaks for Families and Children

April 1, 2022 (Washington, DC)—Across the country, families are struggling to afford the rising costs of basic necessities while corporations lay claim to record profits. Despite this, Congress is actively exploring tax breaks for…

August 4, 2021

More Than 700 State and Local Organizations Call on Elected Officials to Make Expanded Child Tax Credit Permanent

“Now that you have lifted families up, do not let them down. “ August 4, 2021 (Washington, DC)—Today, over 700 community-serving organizations called on Congress and the Biden administration to make the expanded Child…

April 28, 2021

The Center for the Study of Social Policy, the Children’s Defense Fund, and Members of the Automatic Benefit for Children Coalition Call for a Permanent Expansion of the Child Tax Credit

Washington, DC (April 28, 2021)—Today, President Biden called on Congress to extend the American Rescue Plan’s expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) for only four more years and make the CTC permanently refundable. While this…