Eboni Brown, she/her/hers

Atlanta, GA

I am a native of the south and work full time in Social Justice focusing on Structural Change that will have a generational impact for my children and all children. I joined the PAB to represent the population for laws that are being made for who rarely have input on how it affects them. I am a mother of three—two young adults and one pre-teen—and my advice is to do the best you can, every child is different and just wants to be loved and cared for.


Kali Daugherty, she/her/hers

Milwaukee, WI

I am a single mother and have worked in homeless services in my community for over a decade. I joined the PAB because I wanted to make sure that parents had the opportunity to express how policy impacts them and their families. It is the hardest and most rewarding thing in the world being Sebastian’s mom. My advice don’t do things for your kids, do it with them.


Lupe Mendoza, she/her/hers

I am a mother to five boys and I have been advocating for over five years. I joined the PAB to create policy change. Being a parent is very rewarding, be patient with yourself, and have an open mind.


Stephan Palmer

I am a single father of five blessed to be in a position to help everyone around me reach stability for each family within my community. I joined the PAB to gain more knowledge to continue my path to uplift families everyday in my community that search for need information. To keep the fight alive to reach stability for their families.


Raegen A. Selden

I am married to my middle school sweetheart and together we have six children, two currently serving in the US Armed Forces. I joined the PAB because you “can’t complain about it, if you won’t do anything to make it better.” Parenting is the hardest and most rewarding job you will ever have and I thank all six of my children for keeping me “employed.”


Huong Vu, sher/her/hers

Boston, MA

I have two daughters and have worked in the Early Education and Care and Family Engagement for eight years. I joined the PAB in order to have a deep knowledge of Child Tax Credit, other income support policies, and distribute to the policy changes. Love, acceptance, appreciation, encouragement, and guidance are all your child need in their lives.


Joseph Yusuf

Washington, DC

I’m a Father to one Queen by the name of Jakayla. I joined the PAB because I am committed to the mission of bettering the lives of young parents everywhere. Your child’s journey is a marathon. The best way to prep for that journey is love. But keep in mind, the love I’m talking about is TIME.

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Additional PAB Members

Additional members of the Parent Advisory Board have declined to post their information but we recognize their value and service to this work here.